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Welcome to RueTata.  Hello, my name is Tata.  I hope you like our products and my store.  Just a little about us..I am a small business owner, women entrepreneur, and single mom of two boys (well one's already a man now). 

RueTata's inventory is hand picked from top quality and selected items and styles.  We have extensive knowledge of the latest styles and fashion trends world wide.  Ruetata offers the best in affordability and all orders are handled effectively without compromising the quality of delivery.  Our aim is simple, helping women access the best version of themselves through the latest styles, top quality culture, and at affordable prices.  

Celebrate The Sweetness Of You...RueTata

Showcase your classy girl style with the Ruetata collections

Depending on if you’ll need a reason for this, we want you to stop what you are doing and focus on the Tatalicious collection. Perhaps you need a reason to do as we bid, how about knowing how easy it is to get all your classy and stylish girl dresses from one location – Ruetata. If there’s one thing we have come to discover about fashion, it’s the fact that it changes from time to time. With the fashion industry now estimated to be worth over 2.4 trillion dollars, women’s fashion has contributed immensely to its worth. The size of the market has been influenced greatly by the different styles of women’s fashion and Ruetata has been a reliable vendor.

The increase in the innovativeness of female wear has created innumerable designs and styles. These designs come in different styles and stitches but what makes all the difference is the quality of the fabrics and production. Denim jackets, shorts, clothing with diamonds sparkles, outwear, sexy dresses and more are all examples of fashion trends that have gained a rapid popularity in the past decade. The truth is that as much as styles come and go, originality is the constant thing and that’s what Ruetata provides. The ideas of the company is built on authentic and classy wears that bring out the best in every woman's curves. 

Ruetata is your one stop shop for all your classy girl needs and trendy denim fashion. Our collections contains diverse top quality clothing you’ll love to have in your wardrobe.

Some of our fashion styles include:

The Vintage

As much as fashion keeps evolving and everyone loves new innovations and tailoring, the vintage design remains a hallowed blast from the past. From evening wear and denim jackets to sexy clothes as well as ypur classic black dresses. Ruetata’s collections are hand picked for quality. Whether it’s a style from your favorite celebrity or influencer on Instagram or something that reminds you of a established trend, our collections got you covered. The vintage style can even be more intriguing thanks to a mix-match of fashion styles across different ages. The trend is widely regarded as the perfect fit for ladies that desire a sophisticated look which showcases their sense of style. No wardrobe is considered complete without wears that blend the past and the present and that’s exactly what our vintage collection provides – that retro classy feel that is old but gold.

The chic style

If there’s any style that is considered trendy and fashionable by all women, it’s the chic style. It’s a fashion style that looks earthy and free, always making a statement when worn correctly. The beauty of the chic style depends heavily on how well it is combined as well as the quality of the clothes. Ruetata has a collection of sexy dresses that have been designed with the sole intention of making you look chic and sassy. The variety of colors:  bold.....extravagant.....yet warm....and cool. The chic style looks great because it can be a casual look just add your little twist to make it a fierce look.  Celebrities often pull up in the chic style from time to time. Kylie Jenner, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and some other renowned female stars regularly show off their chic style and you can match them from our extensive collection.

The sexy Style:  Tatalicious

Just like the name goes, this is all about showing off the best part of you. For the sexy style to be truly pulled off, sexy clothes are required. Ruetata’s Tatalicous collection is nothing but basic. The sexy style is one that optimizes the female body's curves and form. This style is a show stopper and suitable for any elegant event. This collection features black dresses that are far from basic.  Pair with strappy stillettos. The sexy style focuses on your sensual curves of your body.  Wear with confidence to pull it off. Ruetata has a vast assortment of sexy clothes suitable for your special occasion, from prom to the runway, look no further.

Denim Style

Trends have come and gone but the denim remains a style that has stuck through the ages. The denim style is classic yet glamorous.  It can be modified or worn based on your preference. The denim has never been out of style and that’s why Ruetata will always showcase this collection for our customers.  It’s a fixture in anyone’s wardrobe so either you want to add it to yours or you simply want to update what you have, there are lots of styles to choose from. Already have denim?  why not add another piece, no one is satisfied with having just one - twice as nice. The denim culture extends beyond jeans and the stars that flaunt them. Wear the Star Denim Jacket with a long Boho skirt or wear a t shirt with the sparkle denim shorts. Wearing a denim skirt is always chic with a bikini top and the denim skirt above the knee.  Whatever you choose to do with your denim, Ruetata got you covered.

Why should you choose us?

We have a large inventory packed full of selected top quality styles.  We have extensive knowledge of the latest styles and fashion trends, carefully handpicking them from all over the world to ensure that customers have a variety to choose from. Ruetata offers the best in terms of pricing and all orders are handled effectively without compromising the quality of delivery. Our aim is simple, helping women access the best version of themselves through quality clothing at an affordable price.

If at any time you need to reach me, please contact me at 

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